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Hotel Kausani Retreat

Kausani is one such town of Uttarakhand which is additionally making the most of its stature as a curious slope station. As the whole Kumaon Hills have been known for their ideal magnificence with the colossal mountains outlined against the sky. Kausani was initially called Valna.

Kausani offers the enchantment of the profound pine backwoods and the great mountains. Mahatma Gandhi called this place the 'Switzerland of India', due to similarity in landscapes.

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A vacation in Kausani means a lot of fun and exploring the most beautiful peaks of Uttarakhand. Here are some listed attraction of kausani:-

Hotel kausani Retreat

Local sightseeing

Anasakti Ashram,Gandhi Ashram , Kausani Tea Estate , Rudhradhari Waterfall, Planets Show and Kausani Tea Estate.

Baijnath Temple: 19 km from Kausani, Baijnath sanctuary is an ASI site and was worked amid twelfth Century A.D. Sanctuary was worked in Shikara style and arranged on the bank of stream Gomti. It's very worshiped Shiva sanctuary and stream is fixed with arrangement of Ghats. From Kausani, get any common jeep/transport going to Garud (60 minutes, 20 RS).Baijnath Temple is near Garud taxi stand so you can walk then again get some other shared taxi going to Bageshwar/Gwaldam.

Rudhradhari Waterfall and Caves: 20 km from Kausani, This outing should be possible into equal parts multi day and includes direct climbing of 1-2 km. Trail is beautiful and rich green with pine lines.

Kausani Tea Estate : The slope resort of Kausani is likewise exceptionally popular for the few tea gardens and the different pear plantations that are situated here. This tea is likewise sent out to Australia, Germany, Korea and the US.

Planets Show : Planets Show, Kausani furnishes sightseers with a perspective of the stars separated from the mists and fog. A planetarium-cum-web bistro, it is controlled by a space science aficionado in Kausani. At the point when starry evening sky is accessible, stargazing is a possibility for the voyagers. For stargazing, the planetarium is equipped with assortments of telescope. Each night, the devotee illuminates the travelers about the planets. In this show, the stargazers clarify the hypothetical improvements and the basics of cosmology to the guests. Vacationers can visit the planetarium whenever from the morning till 11 pm day by day.

Hotel Kausani Retreat
Hotel Kausani Retreat
Hotel Kausani Retreat
Hotel Kausani Retreat